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· Sep 24, 2011 at 8:58 am

Never Trust the Man, or Facebook

This is geeky-nerd stuff but others will delight.

Facebook - About the Money

I was once a Facebook fool

I never really talked about what happened to Audio; however, in seeing that so many businesses and people seem hell-bent on integrating ever-further with Facebook, I figured I’d provide a cautionary tale.

If you are entrusting your life data to Facebook, or if you are depending on Facebook and its platform for your livelihood, beware. In the real Facebook world, there is no trust, and there is no friendship — there is only money and power. Think really hard — really, think — before trusting Facebook or its employees with anything.

More from Numair Faraz:

Life is pretty awesome when you live it outside. Get off Facebook, get rid of your TV, and go be interesting. Don’t try to capture your interesting moments in a zillion contrived photos; don’t try to hold on to the people you meet through some ridiculous virtual stamp collection; don’t broadcast a message to your friends to brag about what just happened. Live your life as though it is the world’s best-kept secret, as though you are living in an amazing TV show with an audience of one. Don’t run a virtual background check on new people; appreciate them as mysterious new characters that add new twists to the story of your life. Take a chance on reality.

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