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· Jan 2, 2016 at 11:39 am

unpleasant demise

it goes without saying i saw “the h8tful eight” on New Year’s Eve.  It was only because that’s the day it opened here.

it was an xmas story.  EVERYONE meets an unpleasant demise.  my heart sang with joy and renewed faith…in the human race.

people get shot in the balls.  people get hanged.  people get poisoned and throw up vast quantities of their innards.  i saw a guy puke up his pancreas…ok, jim, you’re lyin’/being liberal with the truth.  no one pukes up his pancreas.  but somebody (more than one somebody’s) drink poison and end up worse for the experience.

spell check did not like the way i spelt somebodies the first time and insisted i spell it in some goddam prancin’ nancy sort of way.  (i thought the goddam apostrophe made it conditional on something)  which it wasn’t in my brain.  i was trying to have more than one (plural) of somebody.  fuck them bastards.  only because it wouldn’t let me have a plural of cocksuckers without having a redline underneath the fucking word.

my resolution this year is to learn to play at least one song on a harmonica which the goddam reverend graham sexton assured me was a moderate goal.  my resolution is not to learn the nazi practice (AKA the Chicago Style Manual) of grammar and punctuation.  these swine kneed to relax.  as for pure spelling error…i believe that language is a fluid goddam organism and wants more than one way to spell twosday.

in summary:

“The H8tul Eight” is a cornucopia of violins and six.  to us QT fans, it doesn’t disappoint.  granted, he trots a couple tricks across the set that we’ve seen him use before most effectively, but goddammit, i think he’s got the wright.  they are nifty trick indeed.  and the violins plays nicely for those of us anxious to see somebody (’s) get their heads and other parts blown and chopped and otherwise (verb to be determined later) off.

it was an Xmas story.

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